The purpose of this 6 week thesis was to produce a series of posters exploring alternative type and image to create a practice in habitual creation and of letting go of the expected. The project included a collection of systematic parameters to dictate how each composition would be created and the content in which it will present, and each individual piece included an element of my own photography, typography and a method of abstraction to tie the composition together. The project intended to be the start of a life long practice of creating outside of deadlines. The materials used included a variety of different cameras, the creative cloud software, and physical objects to create typography (paint, ink, found materials, collage, trash, projection etc.). At the end of 38 days of making, I had 38 complete pieces. 

The project is no longer active, but I do use parts of the chance methodology that I created in order to start small scale personal projects. Below is a process video depicting how the chance method worked on a daily basis as well as the key to explain what each randomized information transfered to in the creation process.