Sitting With Myself

When we look at someone, we take notice of things and make assumptions. But often what we assume is not how a person perceives themselves. Something different lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed… How do others see you? How do you see yourself?

Sitting With Myself is a digital research portal conceived by John Pobojewski, LaSean Marie Patton, and Chicago photographer Leah Wendzinski. 21 volunteers from different points of view were interviewed and photographed in early August 2021. The resulting website is a time capsule featuring different explorations of personal and perceived identity.

Each individual is obscured with close-up crops and digital manipulations created in Processing. With a click, an overall portrait and statement from the individual is revealed. All testimonials are in the individual’s own words but have been edited for brevity.

Design Direction, Concept: John Pobojewski
Photography, Concept: Leah Wendzinski
Design, Programming, Concept: LaSean Marie Patton
Web Design: Cherly Kao
Development: Brett Burwell
Designed while at Span