Type Cast — Typeforce 11

Type Cast is a short digital play performed as a constructed dialogue between two individuals, each wearing typographic clothing in conversation with each other.

Conceived and directed by John Pobojewski, the piece explores the relationship between letters, personality, emotion, and stereotype. Throughout the dialogue, the two actors challenge each others’ expectations, and begin to lose faith in their mental image of what each other stands for — both for the good and for the bad. The piece was premiered at Typeforce 11 in Chicago.

Design Direction: John Pobojewski
Audio: John Pobojewski
3D Animation: Zach Minnich
Videography: Leah Wendzinski
Motion Graphics: Leah Wendzinski
Design: Alyssa Arnesen
Type Design: Nick Adam

Special Thanks to Wade Schaaf, Vernon Gooden, and Lauren Herrmann

Designed while at Span
Featured in Comm Arts Magazine